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Classic Case

Xiaodongjiang River Basin Management Project in Maoming City

The Xiaodongjiang River flows through the cities of Maoming and Zhanjiang with the mainstem length of 67km and the basin catchment area of 1,142km2. Since 1960s, the river was seriously polluted by petrochemical industry and later suffered compound pollution of industry, life sewage, husbandry waste, etc., which attracted the special attention by the municipal government of Maoming on the comprehensive management of Xiaodongjiang river basin. Through the forceful control and management over the past two years, its water quality (Maoming section) in 2015 reached the annual management objectives and the average value was in the range of grade IV functional zone. Shown by the water quality monitoring results from January to November 2016, on the Shibi section of Xiaodongjiang River at the Maoming-Zhanjiang intersection, the average value of ammonium nitrogen concentration was 1.983mg/L that reached the grade V criteria of ground surface water while other indicators reached the grade IV criteria of ground surface water.

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