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Classic Case

Comprehensive Control and Ecology Rehabilitation Project in Pengcun Lake Wetland

The Pengcun Lake is located in the southern suburb of Maoming City with a total basin area of 34km?. The serious eutrophication of Pengcun Lake water has resulted in the water quality worse than Grade V and frequent breakout of algal bloom. Under the “5-in-1” water regulation philosophy covering water resource, water security, water environment, water ecology and water culture, five measures namely “point source sewage interception”, “area source control”, “water purification”, “ecology rehabilitation” and “combined regulation and management” are taken to build a compound ecological environment system featured with “organic integration of river-lake-city and harmonious coexistence of human and nature”, which effectively control the point source and interior source pollution within the basin, reduce the discharge of major water pollutants into the lake year by year, and thus gradually improve the lake water quality.

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