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тема деятельности

Qingdao run million clean energy Co., Ltd. held the first autumn fun games in 2015

In order to enrich the employees' amateur cultural life and enhance team cohesion, in August 29th and 30, Qingdao run billion clean energy Co., Ltd. organized the first autumn fun games in 2015, attracting more than 130 people from the company. As a result of the work needs, this sports meeting is divided into two days and four teams to join together.

Unlike the traditional games, fun games combine competition and entertainment, focusing on the participation and cooperation of the employees. In the morning, it organized fun mountaineering activities. During the period, all kinds of treasure hunting games were added. Two teams were divided into teams every day, and they were won by team a team and the third team. In the afternoon, all the staff had fun games on the city balcony. The deep sea rescue, the tug of war in the sea, the baby bride and other games let all the employees participate in it and amuse each other. These competitions are not only a good embodiment of the team spirit, but also the interest and interaction, so they are well received by the staff. After fierce competition, 29 day and 30 day team topped the C. The applause, laughter, spectators' cheering, and the cheers of the winners came and go, and the whole process of competition is always full of joyous and peaceful atmosphere.


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