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Chemical Engineering

SINOMEC has mature capability of engineering, construction and operation of refining projects, polyether projects, polyester projects, lubricant projects, air separation plant projects, large storage and transportation facility projects, and has made many successful achievements in Tianjin, Xinjiang, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Guizhou and other provinces in China as well as in Cambodia, Belarus, Iraq and other countries. SINOMEC has integrated the entire value chain of chemical industry to provide professional, reliable, safe, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, short-term and resource-guaranteed top-quality technical and engineering services, and to provide the owner with tailor-made overall solutions for maximum benefits.

Scope of Business: engineering design, overall planning, consultation, feasibility research, technology patentee selection, procurement, construction and construction management, commissioning and financing services for petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas, natural gas chemical, coal chemical, inorganic chemical, storage and transportation, municipal and environmental protection projects.

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