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Chairman's Address

Energy is the power for social development. Energy revolution marked every step forward of human civilization and is always a pursuit of safe, efficient, clean, economical and smart energy utilization.

SINOMEC, upholding its value of “expertise + practice”, is dedicated to developing high technology, carrying out quality projects, and investment and operation of effective programs in the energy sector. In pursuit of “cleaner world, better life”, it spares no efforts to build the service capacity of industrial chain integration, the synergy of energy utilization, enterprise development and social responsibility, and the harmonious coexistence of men and nature.

In the tide of the worldwide energy revolution, SINOMEC will as always stick to the development philosophy of co-creation, sharing, mutual responsibility and mutual benefits. It’d like to join hands with all partners and all walks of life for common interests, contribute to China’s clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and stand as a strong entity that profits its shareholders and employees.

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